The Bridge Between UX & Brand Strategy

There has been many articles, conversations, and debates circulating around the internet that center around roles, responsibilities, and services that can be found or is even being built inside the creative economy. “Should you specialize or generalize?” “How can you future proof your creative career?” “What should I focus on as a creative?” These are just a few questions that I run into when I do my daily reading and article hunting, but I haven’t seen much about how certain areas of design and creativity can overlap. Maybe this is because it is probably common knowledge that a good creative, especially a designer, should be able to design or create anything in multiple mediums and genres. That being said there has, like I wrote above, a push to either be a specialist or a generalist and I ask. why can’t we be both? Why can’t a creative specialize in something that umbrellas more than one design or creative discipline?

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