Interview with Print Expert Marina Joyce

Marina Poropat Joyce has been marketing, graphic designing, publishing and printing her whole life. She fell in love with design and printing early on, and she founded one of the first design-to-print companies in Los Angeles. She recently wrote Designing for Print to explain printing in graphic designer-speak.

Today we had the pleasure to interview Marina and ask her about all things print. We learned a ton of amazing things and hope you do too!

Here are some notes from the show:


Marina’s Kickstarter for her book “Designing for Print”, will be launched at the end of September, be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Check out her website for amazing resources for how to handle print projects: 

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  • Find out the process and cost required to accomplish a print project before showing it to your client. This prevents clients from getting attached to a design before you find out if the print is even feasible.

  • Great design is the most important aspect of achieving a beautiful print.

  • Find and build a relationship with a quality printer. You can find printers in your area here:

  • Remember that a print will look much different than what you printed in your home printer.

  • Paper comes in parent sizes, for examples 8x8 is printed on 25x38. You can eliminate print waste by referring to standard print sizes.

  • Use a Color Gamut Diagram to find colors that can work best in both RGB and CMYK. Here are some links explaining this more: here and here.

  • Always be aware of the grain of the paper you are choosing. The grain affects many things including varied stiffness, and achieving clean cuts and folds.

  • Don’t use Photoshop for print layouts, use InDesign :)

  • Always request a print dummy, this is vital in making sure the paper you are choosing will work best for your project.