Interview: Illustrator Jérémie Claeys

We had the pleasure to have Illustrator, Jérémie Claeys on our show! We’ve been following Jérémie’s work on social media for quite some time, and have enjoyed watching him blossom. Every time we see one of his captivating works appear in our Instagram feed we can’t help but smile.

Jérémie is has an intense fascination with communication and is passionate about crafting pictures that become a metaphor for modern ideas and concepts.

His style is rooted in inspiration from the works of iconic mid-century Graphic Designers such as Paul Rand and Saul Bass. One could describe his style as Nostalgic and vibrant with a nod to his Graphic Design Background.

Join us in learning about Jérémie’s journey from a comic book loving young boy, into a young Graphic Designer, who went on to meet the love of his life and rediscover his childhood passion for Illustration, which led to the Illustration practice that he loves today. Jérémie and his wife have recently welcomed their first child, a beautiful baby boy into their lives as well.

We also chatted with Jérémie about what it’s like to be a full-time Freelance Illustrator, his experience of being a European Illustrator breaking into the American market, how he juggles being a new dad while running a business, what inspires him and his current passion projects.

In addition to starting the collaborative project, The Illustration Book Club, which started off as a project about vulnerability, he also has created 2 zines. His first zine, Daring Greatly, inspired by the Brené Brown book, features various illustrators that have created original pieces around different selections from the book.

Jérémie has just launched a kickstarter campaign to print his second zine Braving the Wilderness, also inspired by the Brené Brown book. Click the link to check out his campaign and to show your support.

If you’d like to check out more of Jérémie’s work, visit his website:

You can also find him on:

Instagram: @jeremieclaeys


Twitter: @jeremieclaeys

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