Shunkan - The Pink Noise

One of my favorite local L.A. bands from back in the day was a band called The Dining Dead. The band's front woman Marina Sakimoto created relatable indie pop music with a tinge of 90's era grunge that often reminded me of what I listened to when I was a kid. With her new project Shunkan, Sakimoto has taken her fresh spin to indie pop to another level. Around a year ago Shunkan released a full length album titled "The Pink Noise" which according to Sakimoto reflects the transitions to adulthood and the prospects of traveling to different parts of the world from L.A.:

"The Pink Noise is my transition between the mindset of being a teenager into adulthood, as well as the transition between moving from Los Angeles to New Zealand, so it'll always be something delicate and special for me."

Take a listen to our favorite track from The Pink Noise titled "Garden" 

You can purchase The Pink Noise at Art is Hard Records by going here

Thanks to Marina and the rest of Shunkan. Keep jamming!