Design Thinking with Jeb Banner of SmallBox

In this episode we had the pleasure of talking with Jeb Banner, CEO and Co-Founder of the creative agency, SmallBox. Jeb and his team are driven by curiosity and focused on achieving the goal of partnering with people to create distinctive and meaningful experiences. In this episode we talk all things Design Thinking, and how to apply it to areas outside of design, like improving employee engagement and transforming the way you approach people and situations amongst many other things. 

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Here are some of the things we talked about:

  • Transformational Learning: A perspective shifting experience that modifies your behavior.

  • Be sure to get into someone else's experiences regularly. This will help you think more deeply, have more empathy when you design, and ultimately, help you grow into a better designer.

  • Learn to be a partner with a client early on; trying to establish this relationship with a client later can be difficult to change, as over time a client builds up certain expectations.

  • Its normal in every design business to go through periods where it feels like you're "Upgrading your software" to a better version. It can be uncomfortable but its necessary in order to create a practice that adapts and improves over time.

  • Always look for ways to optimize things. Ask yourself: “How can we optimize things outside of design into any problem space with Design Thinking?”

  • Use a Design thinking as a unified methodology for all matters.

  • Always be curious.

  • Target people you admire and build them into a mentor.

  • Don’t worry about impressing people, focus more on showing genuine interest.

  • Get involved in the community, and find ways to improve the world around you.


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